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Christian Ottolini

Laboratory Director

“As an IVF baby, I’ve built my career around helping other people achieve the dream of building their own family.”

Lab director Christian sitting in the laboratory smiling into the camera

As one of the earliest IVF babies to be conceived, Dr Christian Ottolini feels a deep connection to helping others through their fertility journey.

Christian leads the exceptional lab team at The Evewell and has almost 20 years’ experience working in a clinical laboratory in Assisted Reproductive Medicine. He brings a unique perspective to the field of IVF with a PHD in human and preimplantation genetics, as well as embryology. This crossover of two fields is replicated by few others and allows Christian to analyse fertility more holistically, with a more comprehensive understanding of reproduction from beginning to end.

He is an innovator in the clinical realm and uses his experience to further research in the field. This ensures that he remains as dynamic as possible, constantly evolving to be at the forefront of his field and thus enabling him to get the best results possible for patients.

Throughout his career, he has challenged standard practices in IVF, introducing novel clinical approaches which have achieved among the best success rates in the world. As Laboratory Director, he uses his understanding of early embryo development, practical innovation, and high standard of patient care to drive the development of first-rate facilities for his patients.

Christian prides himself and the team at The Evewell on their ability to empower patients by being involved in their care, helping them make sense of treatments and giving them the options they deserve to build a family. Central to his practice is meeting with patients before they start treatment with us. This builds a relationship from a very early stage between the patient and the lab team which he believes is crucial to delivering the highest standards of patient care and clinical success.

Christian is regarded as a pioneer in his field, he has recently taken on a PHD student and holds an honorary position as an honorary research fellow at UCL. He frequently speaks at conferences and his work and research have been published in several journals, not only specialising in fertility but also in general human genetics – please see below links to some of his relevant published papers.

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Published Research Papers:

Handyside et al 2020

McCollin et al 2019

Gorodeckaja et al 2019

McCoy et al 2018 

Ottolini et al 2017 

Forte et al 2016 

Ottolini et el (NatGen) 2015 

Ottolini et al (RBMO) 2015 

Natesan et at 2014 


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