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Dr Kathiuska Kriedt

Consultant - West London

“Driven to help women with low ovarian reserve, reproductive endocrinology issues and PCOS.”

Dr Kathiuska Kriedt is a highly experienced fertility consultant with expertise in all aspects of reproductive medicine. She has worked in specialist fertility clinics across Greater London, both for private and NHS patients.

Kat has a specialist interest in treating patients with low ovarian reserve (low egg count), those with reproductive endocrinology issues, PCOS, and the management of recurrent miscarriage.

Having practised as a medical doctor in Ecuador and Chile, Kat then worked in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in world-famous teaching hospitals in London such as St. Thomas and University College London Hospital. She successfully completed a post-doctoral certificate at King’s College University in early pregnancy and ultrasound scanning and has been trained to a high level in gynaecological ultrasound scanning. 

She is a member of the British Fertility Society and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. Her research includes a significant contribution to the PRISM study into the use of progesterone for women who have vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy and have had one or more previous miscarriages.

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