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Helping the LGTBQ+ community create families.

Everyone’s journey to starting to build a family is unique.

People of all genders and sexual orientations have options to help them build families

The Evewell exists to help you find the least invasive path to creating your family. From IUI and IVF to working with third-party donors, we’re here to help.

For couples looking to conceive and who need to use donor sperm, there are several fertility options available to them. We offer both IUI cycles or conventional IVF, for those looking to get pregnant as part of a same-sex assigned-female-at-birth couple.

Alternatively, there is a form of same-sex IVF, where one partner would donate their eggs for another partner to carry the pregnancy, known as several names; intrapartner egg sharing or egg donation, reciprocal IVF or shared motherhood.

What is intrapartner egg sharing?

This option consists of two cycles, the stimulation phase by partner one, ‘the donor’ and the embryo transfer phase by partner two, ‘the recipient’. Both stages are exactly the same as you’d expect in an IVF cycle, using donor sperm.

Alternatively, eggs can be collected from the donating partner and fertilised using donor sperm, these embryos are then transferred to the recipient partner as either a fresh or frozen embryo transfer cycle.

What does a synchronising cycle mean?

One option when preparing for an intraparter egg sharing cycle is to ensure both partners have a period at the same time, this is usually enabled by one of both partners starting the contraceptive pill for one month and stopping at the same time in order to synchronise their bleeds.

Both patients then undergo a stimulation and transfer phase in tandem (as in a regular IVF cycle), with an embryo being transferred to the recipient partner at blastocyst stage without being frozen.

Freezing embryos for transfer at a later date

If a couple wants to undergo further genetic testing on the embryos, or if simply they wish to have a transfer at a later date, it is possible to separate the two phases above.

Embryos are created and frozen in phase one and then when the couple is ready, the recipient partner starts a frozen embryo transfer cycle to transfer one of the frozen embryos.

Donor sperm

We have a preferred network of providers, including;

  • Reproductive Lawyers
  • Sperm banks

Contact us today to discuss your options.

Legal Parenthood

Legal parenthood when using donor sperm, especially with unmarried couples, can seem daunting. Our nursing team are highly trained and will guide you through you which HFEA consent forms need to be completed in order to ensure the correct legal parenthood processes are followed.

How The Evewell can help

Our inclusive and welcoming clinics and individualised treatment plans have been designed to advise people of all gender identities and sexual orientations build their own families. Whether it is same-sex pregnancy, fertility preservation ahead of a medical transition or another form of LGBT parenting. Our consultants have been specifically trained to help you find the least invasive path to creating your family.

Contact us today to book a consultation, where we can discuss an overview of all your options, including using sperm and/or egg donor and/or surrogate, and an individualised plan for your next steps.

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