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Bringing fertility education to the workplace.

At The Evewell, we’re working to normalise the conversation around fertility. And this starts with fertility education in the workplace.

In school, we were only ever taught how not to get pregnant...

But what happens when you want to start a family, and can’t?

Our passionate team of doctors and embryologists are donating their time to come into your place of work and provide a series of fertility education talks, empowering your employees with education so they feel in control of their future family planning goals.

Our fertility talks

Hosted either face-to-face or virtually, see below a few examples of talks we have hosted. Our team of fertility experts will tailor their talk to your employee’s interests.

Taking control of your fertility health

No matter your age, taking charge of your gynaecological and hormonal health is crucial.

Often, women silently endure pain and discomfort, mistakenly thinking it’s normal. Others only discover fertility issues when they’re struggling to conceive. But knowledge is power; it helps you not only plan for the future, but also identify hidden conditions.

This talk covers why it’s important to understand your fertility and general gynaecological health, including what’s normal, what isn’t normal, fertility testing options, and menopause.

Fertility 101: what you need to know

Researching fertility treatment and knowing when you need it, where to go for help and what you need can be overwhelming. Maybe you’re not quite sure how to achieve your future family and need to understand your options.

This session covers fertility investigations, what they all mean and when you might need to think about doing these, the importance of male fertility, how treatments such as IVF, genetic testing, fertility preservation and donor conception can help you achieve your family goals, and family-building options for LGBTQ+ or those wishing to pursue solo parenthood.

Egg freezing: everything you need to know

In a society where women are expected to “have it all” – the perfect career, the perfect partner, and the perfect family – it’s no surprise that many of us feel like we’re constantly under pressure to achieve it all at once.

This session will break down the topic of egg freezing, including what to expect from an egg freezing cycle, including: how to fit egg freezing cycle into your work and personal life, and where to start with your egg freezing journey.

Fertility and women's health experts

Meet the team

Our passionate team of consultants, embryologists and fertility nurses have featured on a number of podcasts and webinars. Excellent public speakers, they will work with you to make a complicated – and often emotive – subject feel accessible.

Feedback from corporate talks


Iris advertising agency

“Following the launch of our fertility policy, we had The Evewell Clinic come into our offices to speak about different fertility journeys and what options are out there. It was important for us to keep the communication going about fertility and try to normalise these conversations in our agency. The Evewell provided a safe space to listen, learn and ask questions and Ed, Rebecca & Emma were all extremely knowledgeable and made it easy to understand and discuss, especially when it can be quite a heavy topic!”

Global credit card provider

“Great event and we received wonderful feedback so thank you very much! We can’t wait for the next event.”

Global family law firm

“Thank you so much for today, it was such an insightful event and we really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us.”

Free 15-min calls

And because we know it’s not always easy to talk… We can also offer all employees a free 15 minute call with a member of our Patient Services Team.

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