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Fertility Tests
Be in control of your fertility

Understanding more about your fertility, not only helps you plan for the future and highlights any conditions you may not be aware of, but it also puts you back in control.

Our state-of-the-art facilities mean we have the most advanced technology to help you understand your fertility potential.

What kind of fertility tests do we offer?

We don’t want you to have to go through extensive unnecessary tests or treatment, so if you have medical notes or test results from previous treatments, we’re happy to use these providing they are within the required timeframe.

Fertility Tests & Review

The Fertility Review is a good starting point for assessing fertility and identifying any future concerns. This review includes;

A consultation, an ultrasound scan, an AMH (ovarian reserve) blood test and a TSH (thyroid function) blood test.


£639 with Mr Davis

Couples Fertility Tests & Review

Our couples fertility review is a good starting point for assessing both your fertility.

This includes: a consultation, a female ultrasound scan, semen analysis, AMH (ovarian reserve) blood test and a TSH (thyroid function) blood test.


£789 with Mr Davis

Same-sex Couple Fertility Tests & Review

This review includes; an extended consultation, two ultrasound scans, two AMH (ovarian reserve) blood tests and two TSH (thyroid function) blood tests.


£929 with Mr Davis

When should I consider a fertility test?

A fertility review gives us a much better understanding of your potential fertility, empowering you to make the best decision to not only get pregnant, but preserve fertility and create a future family.

Things to consider

Factors affecting your fertility

Reproductive systems are very complex and during your fertility review, we will consider some of the below factors that may be affecting your fertility:

  • Medical history – are there any long-term conditions or surgeries which may be contributing
  • Medication – reviewing your medication history, as some medicines affect fertility
  • Diet and lifestyle – smoking, drinking, and eating certain things can affect fertility. Read more about the fertility diet here.
  • Exposure – whether you have come into contact with any chemicals, toxins or radiation
  • Sex – how often and when do you have sex and are there any issues
  • Fertility history – including your birth control history, whether you have been pregnant before 
  • STI’s – does either partner have any history with sexually transmitted diseases
  • Menstruation – what are your periods like, are they regular etc
  • Treatment history – have you received any infertility treatment before
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