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A world-class fertility lab

Our state-of-the-art labs use cutting-edge science and understanding to optimise the environment for your gametes and embryos.

Meet the team

Pioneers in their field

​​Our lab team have a unique combination of expertise not only in embryology but also in embryo genetics, giving them a fundamental understanding of the whole reproduction process from beginning to end.

Inside of the fertility clinic laboratory showing the machines
Time-lapse imagery incubators

Giving your embryos the best possible chance

Unlike other fertility centres, time-lapse imaging is used as standard in our lab. These high-tech incubators continually monitor the development of embryos without removing them from the incubator, stressing the embyros and exposing them to the outside environment. This ensures a consistent environment for embryo culture, meaning our lab team can observe and evaluate your embryo development and use this information to potentially influence the selection of embryos for transfer, freezing and thawing.

No matter the contingency, we’re covered

In case of any emergency, we have a number of measures in place to ensure that any current cycles, eggs and embryos are preserved. In case of a power outage, we have a full suite of back-up power to ensure that no equipment is affected. In case of an extreme emergency in the clinic, we can transfer the embryos to a partnering lab where they can be stored safely.

Illustration of a fertility doctor in a fertility clinic laboratory with a green background

Consultant freezing an embryo for fertility preservation
Two embryologists in the laboratory discussing samples on an ipad
Consultant showing how they do a frozen embryo transfer
Picture of equipment in a fertility laboratory
Picture of equipment in a fertility laboratory with an embryologist doing PGT A testing
Embryologists looking at embryo samples for ICSI in the Evewell laboratory

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