Fertility Treatment Costs

Our approach to pricing

We know that fertility treatment is not only a huge emotional commitment but a financial one too, that is why we ensure our prices are competitive. At The Evewell, we have no set protocols or ‘one size fits all’ plans. Our goal is to find the quickest and least invasive way to a successful pregnancy. We assess each patient’s needs individually, creating a completely bespoke treatment plan. This not only brings a whole new level of care, but also means you won’t pay for anything you don’t need. If you already have investigative tests and blood work completed at a previous facility, that are in date and meet the regulatory requirements, we will accept these, to not only save on time but also to save on money.

We always want to be as transparent and clear as possible in everything we do, and so have detailed below some sample costs for certain treatments. We think it’s really important that patients understand much more than the headline cycle price for treatment. There will be other costs involved such as bloods and medication and so we want you to see what else is potentially involved in completing a cycle of treatment. We always recommend to patients that when comparing prices between clinics they ensure that they have prices for all the elements that a clinic expects a patient to pay for.

Please note these are examples of an average cycle of treatment so that you have an idea of what’s involved, but as all our treatment plans are personalised, pricing will differ from patient to patient based on their personal needs. Before starting any cycle of treatment with us you will be given a detailed costing based on your treatment plan which you can then consider and discuss in detail with our patient services team.

Call us on 020 3974 0950 or email us at appointments@evewell.com to discuss our pricing in more detail.

Fertility Consultation and Fertility Reviews

For all patients wishing to consider treatment at the Evewell we begin the journey with an initial consultation. If a patient already has a history of fertility treatment or investigations we ask them to send these to us in advance.

For patients beginning their journey or simply wishing for an overall assessment of their fertility for future family planning, we offer a combination of tests followed by a consultation to review these with one of our NHS trained fertility doctors. We are able to see patients in the clinic and over video call, for the initial consultation, depending on your preference.

  • Initial Consultation £220
  • Initial Consultation + Fertility Ultrasound Scan £220 + £190
  • Total initial fertility consultation £410
  • Female fertility review (consultation, fertility scan, TSH (thyroid function) blood test, and AMH blood test to measure levels of ovarian reserve) £489
  • Couples fertility review (consultation, fertility ultrasounds scan, semen analysis, TSH (thyroid function) blood test, and AMH blood test which measures ovarian reserve) £619

How much is IVF

IVF, or in-vitro fertilisation is a very popular and successful treatment to achieve pregnancy. The procedure includes fertilising eggs with sperm outside of the body to create embryos, which are then planted back into the womb. Find out more about what IVF is here.

A cycle of IVF costs £3,800.

Blood tests and medication are based on your personal requirements and are not included.

Please see a breakdown of all costs for IVF in our pricing list here.

IUI cost

IUI, or intrauterine-insemination is a less invasive and less expensive fertility treatment, when compared to IVF. The procedure includes preparing fresh or frozen-thawed sperm and transferring it into the womb in synchrony with ovulation and the release of an egg from the ovary. Read more about IUI here.

A cycle of IUI including up to 3 ultrasound scans costs £1,080.

Blood tests and medication are based on your personal requirements and are not included.

Please see a breakdown of all costs for IUI in our pricing list here.

PGT-A cost

PGT-A, or pre-implantation genetic testing can be used as part of an IVF cycle, with or without ICSI. The process determines whether each embryo is chromosomally normal.

A cycle of PGT-A (without IVF) including a year of embryo storage and medication is £5,356.

Please see a breakdown of the costs for PGT-A in our pricing list (see second page on the PDF).

Egg Freezing cost

Egg freezing is a great option for those who want to preserve their fertility. The process is to freeze eggs and use them later when wanting to conceive. Please find out more about egg freezing and the benefits here.

One cycle of egg freezing, including up to 5 scans and one year of storage is £3,700.

Blood tests and medication are not included in the cost.

Each year of storage after the first is £350.

Please see a breakdown of the costs for egg freezing in our pricing list here.

For total transparency, you can download the price list of our treatments here – IVF, IUI, PGS and Egg Freezing. To understand more about what specific treatments you will require, please get in touch with us and we can detail your bespoke treatment plan.

Please note that prices are subject to change, and patients will be responsible for paying the most recent clinic prices.