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Advanced Testing
Identifying the barrier to pregnancy

Advanced testing is recommended for those experiencing either unexplained infertility, failed implantation, recurrent miscarriage or menopausal symptoms. There are a number of different options, ensuring we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of helping you achieve a live birth. 

Advanced female fertility testing

Sometimes the route to pregnancy isn’t as straightforward, and your consultant may recommend further tests to explore other reasons you are unable to conceive, are having failed implantation or recurrent miscarriages, before we proceed with IVF or embryo transfer. Read on to find out more about your options.

Advanced gynaecological testing

Whatever your age, whatever your circumstances, caring for your gynaecological health is vital. With a focus on preventative screening and early diagnosis, we have a proactive approach to your gynaecological health. Our expert team will design a personalised care plan, tailored to your needs, and guide you with care, sensitivity and honesty.

Advanced testing for male infertility

DNA Fragmentation

Sperm DNA can be damaged during the sperm production stage, breaking the DNA into smaller fragments and meaning men with high levels of sperm DNA damage are a) less likely to get their partner pregnant and b) have increased risk of miscarriage.

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