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PGT-M (formerly known as PGD)
For patients with hereditary genetic diseases

Our embryologists are specialists in PGT-M (Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic/Single-Gene Disorders), analysing the DNA from IVF-created embryos to provide early diagnosis to patients with hereditary genetic diseases.

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What is PGT-M testing?

PGT-M can be used by people who have a serious inherited disease in their family, so they can avoid passing it on to their children.

PGT-M differs from other genetic testing (such as PGT-A), where we identify chromosomally normal / abnormal embryos.

Why would I need PGT-M?

Your consultant or embryologist may discuss PGT-M with you if:

  • you have ended previous pregnancies because of a serious genetic condition
  • you already have a child with a serious genetic condition and want to avoid this happening again
  • you have a family history of a serious genetic condition
  • you have a family history of chromosome problems or
  • you have a history of recurrent miscarriage due to chromosomal abnormalities

You may also consider PGT-M if you and your partner are carriers of the same autosomal recessive condition (e.g. Cystic fibrosis). You are a woman and are a carrier of an X-linked condition (e.g. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy), or you or your partner have an autosomal dominant condition (e.g. Huntington disease).

Two embryologists in the laboratory discussing the results of PGT A testing on their ipad

Giving you options

It is possible to use PGT-M to test for almost any genetic condition where a specific gene is known to cause that condition.

The main types of diseases we can test for are:

  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  • Huntington disease
  • Marfan Syndrome
  • Lynch Syndrome
  • BRCA1 & 2

You can find a full list of HFEA-approved testing by clicking on the link below.


HFEA approved PGT-M testing

Passionate about helping those with genetic diseases

Our lab team have a unique combination of expertise in embryology and embryo genetics, giving them a fundamental understanding of the whole reproduction process from beginning to end.

Emma Whitney (aka @EmmaTheEmbryologist on Instagram) heads up both our Harley Sreet and West London labs.

With over 20 years of practical IVF laboratory experience, Emma specialises in PGT-M working with our patients to help prevent the transmission of inherited genetic diseases, and enhancing the capabilities of embryo selection via PGT-A.

Emma’s commitment to genetics, coupled with her multitude of experiences allows for a pragmatic and honest approach when discussing embryology.

“IVF is as much an emotional journey as it is a scientific one. I endeavour to protect the mental well-being of my patients through education and awareness. So no matter what science has to offer, every patient is in a better position to deal with the outcomes.”

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How does PGT-M fit into an IVF cycle?

PGT-M (formerly PGD) is an early genetic diagnosis test for embryos produced during IVF or ICSI. A small biopsy of cells is taken from each embryo, and the genetic DNA is analysed for any genetic disease that is known to be carried in the family, before the embryo is transferred into the uterus.

Genetic Disease Testing
Giving you the best possible chance

Genetic Disease Testing
Giving you the best possible chance

At The Evewell, we don’t just focus on achieving a pregnancy but on ensuring a live birth. A significant reason IVF fails, or a patient experiences recurrent miscarriage, is because of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities within the embryo.

A significant reason IVF fails, or a patient experiences recurrent miscarriage, is because of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities within the embryo. If your family history determines it is necessary to look at PGT-M, you will be able to achieve a hopefully chromosomally normal pregnancy free of the genetic disease carried in your family.

Genetic Disease Testing
Understanding why

Genetic Disease Testing
Understanding why

If you’re not achieving a successful pregnancy, or you know your future children are at risk of a genetic disease, the first step of your journey at The Evewell is to meet with one of our consultants and understand how PGT-M can work alongside other treatment plans to improve your outcome.

Unique to The Evewell is having access to our embryology team who will take the time to walk you through the steps involved, explaining how PGT-M can help you on your family-building journey and answer any questions.

Genetic Disease Testing
Your IVF cycle

Genetic Disease Testing
Your IVF cycle

We don’t believe in one size fits all. Our individualised treatment plans are designed for each and every patient, ensuring we give you the options you deserve to build a family.

We do everything we can to work around your life and your cycle. Meaning, only when you’re ready, your IVF treatment will start.

This means no extra hormonal medication to align your cycle with our schedules, we just ask for you to call us when your period starts. This might mean more work for us, but it means less stress on your body.

At the point of embryo development, this is where our lab team will take over and take a few cells from your embryos for PGT-M testing.

IVF: Step by Step

Genetic Disease Testing
Unique to your circumstances

Genetic Disease Testing
Unique to your circumstances

Your PGT-M test will be created uniquely for you, based on your own personal circumstance and family history. PGT-M can be performed for nearly any single gene disorder as long as the specific familial mutation has been identified and appropriate family members are available for test preparation where required.

Genetic Disease Testing
Informed decisions

Genetic Disease Testing
Informed decisions

Approximately two weeks later, you will receive your results and we will arrange for you to meet with both your consultant and an embryologist to discuss either repeat IVF cycles, to ensure you can complete your ultimate family, or any further treatment before frozen embryo transfer can commence.

How much does PGT-M cost?

We recognise that fertility treatments are not only an emotional commitment but also a financial one too, and with the ultimate goal of helping you reduce the chances of passing on a serious genetic disease, each PGT-M patient will have individual needs. Once you have met with your consultant, we will create a personalised costing plan based on your medical history.

Contact one of our Patient Services team today to further discuss treatment costs.

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