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Minimally invasive fertility treatment

We understand when faced with having fertility treatment, it can be an anxious and stressful time.

We don’t want you to have to go through extensive unnecessary treatment, which is why IUI is more appropriate for some patients.

What is IUI and who may it be suitable for?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment involving artificial insemination where sperm are placed directly into the uterus around the time your ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilised.

IUI at The Evewell

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One size doesn’t fit all

When you decide to have your IUI treatment at The Evewell, our consultants, who have been specifically trained in both fertility and gynaecology, will review your medical history.

And because we don’t want you to have to go through extensive unnecessary tests or treatment, if you have medical notes or results from previous treatments, we’re happy to use these providing they are within the required timeframe.

Meet Our Team
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A straightforward fertility treatment

Of all licensed fertility treatments, IUI is the most straightforward, non-invasive option.

It can also help in cases of hormone imbalance that prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg in the usual manner or in cases where penetrative vaginal intercourse is not possible.

A microscope and testing equipment shown in the Evewell laboratory for IUI treatment

Supporting you throughout your journey

For solo mums to be, same-sex couples or couples that need to use donor sperm, IUI represents a simpler and less invasive treatment option.

We have relationships with sperm donor banks and are able to help facilitate your choices. We can also help with any legal requirements for this aspect.

All patients considering the use of donor sperm for IUI will be offered the opportunity to discuss treatment with a counsellor.

How to go about selecting donor sperm
Your IUI Treatment Journey

Minimally invasive fertility treatment

Depending on your medical history, IUI cycles can involve either minimal or no medication. A typical IUI cycle can take around 2-3 weeks.

Step 01
Individualised Plan

Step 01
Individualised Plan

Once we’ve established the least invasive way to achieve a pregnancy for you, we design an individualised plan to deliver the best possible results.

You’ll also spend time with one of our expert nurses who will guide you through your treatment plan.

Step 02
IUI, on your schedule

Step 02
IUI, on your schedule

We do everything we can to work around your life and your cycle. Only when you’re ready, your IUI treatment will start.

This means no extra hormone medication to align your cycle with our schedules, we just ask for you to call us when your period starts. This might mean more work for us, but it means less stress on your body.

illustration of timer in light pink

Step 03

Step 03

Once you start your IUI treatment, your follicle growth, uterine lining thickness and hormone levels will be closely monitored by your consultant to ensure an optimal response to your treatment. They’ll take time to talk you through what’s happening and give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

And even though you have one consultant, you benefit from the entire team’s experience and knowledge when they review your progress at our daily ‘All Hands’ meeting, where any necessary adjustments to treatment plans or medication will be decided.

Illustration of a fertility consultant at work at The Evewell Clinic

Step 04

Step 04

On the morning of the IUI, the embryologist will prepare the sperm and you’ll be asked to attend the clinic later that day.

Our lab team are a vital part of The Evewell with  fundamental understanding of the whole reproduction process from beginning to end, giving them a particular edge when understanding and treating fertility issues.

Step 05
Ongoing support

Step 05
Ongoing support

Once you’ve had your IUI, we don’t just send you off with a pregnancy test and hope for the best, we check in with you during your two-week wait, offering support where needed. We know first-hand how difficult this stage of any cycle of fertility treatment is.

A follow-up appointment with your doctor will ensure you are fully supported following your test result and will provide an opportunity to discuss any steps from there.

How much is IUI likely to cost?

Most clinics will provide the initial cycle price, but this won’t ever be your final treatment cost. We know that fertility treatments are not only an emotional commitment but also a financial one too, and with the ultimate goal of finding the quickest, easiest, and least invasive way to get you pregnant, we’ve made sure our prices are competitive.

Contact us today and one of our Patient Services team will create an individualised estimated cycle price for your treatment plan.

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