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Starting a family as a single woman

Taking the step to becoming a solo mum by choice and having a baby on your own, is empowering but can also leave a lot of questions. Our team are here to support single women who decide to start their own families, taking the time to ensure they are fully supported throughout their journey.

What are the fertility treatment options for single motherhood?

There are a few options available for single women wishing to become solo mums by choice, from preserving future fertility with either egg freezing or embryo banking, or IVF or IUI using donor sperm.

Our consultants and nursing team are fully trained to help advise on the best options, working with you to consider your fertility and current circumstances, and creating an individualised plan.


Where to Start

Becoming a solo mum by choice is a decision that comes with a lot of thought, planning, and emotions. We asked the UK’s first and only Solo Parenthood Coach, Mel, who runs solo motherhood parenting support group The Stork and I, for her practical tips and advice on where to get started if you want to become a solo mum by choice.

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How do you support single women wishing to start a family?

Our team have been trained to support women wishing to undergo fertility treatment on their own, ensuring sensitivity and individual circumstances are considered during appointments.

We offer slightly longer appointment times, to ensure you’ve been able to ask all the questions you may have, and our team will always make sure no reference to a partner is made throughout your appointments.

We have a preferred network of providers, including:

  • Reproductive lawyers – read more about legal parenthood on the HFEA website
  • Sperm banks
FAQs on how to select donor sperm

I’m not quite ready to start a family

For those wishing to preserve their fertility, you can freeze your eggs or use donor sperm to create embryos for freezing. This process takes around two weeks from starting the medication to stimulate your ovaries, through to egg collection. From there, your eggs or embryos will be cryopreserved until you’re ready to use them.

Our Lab Manager, Emma Whitney (aka @emmatheembryologist) looks at the facts behind freezing embryos.

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Knowledge hub

Support and advice

We’ve created a knowledge hub, where you can find authentic, truthful and honest advice from our consultants and external experts, such as nutritionists and complementary therapists, as well as real-life stories from patients. 

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