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Investigating Fertility

We understand that struggling with infertility and trying to become pregnant is an extremely stressful and upsetting time for our patients. Infertility can be treated. Understanding why you are not conceiving is key. The human reproductive system is incredibly complex and there may be many reasons why it is not working. Our experienced team provides a holistic evaluation of your situation, employing the most recent diagnostic tools, and proposes a personalised treatment plan to maximise your chances of conceiving.

Expert Advice

Our combined focus on gynaecology and fertility sets us apart. We use our combined expertise to properly diagnose the cause of your infertility so that we design an individualised treatment plan that works for you.

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We know that fertility treatment is a considerable financial commitment. Our prices and packages are designed to be transparent, clear and fair. Our team are always on hand to chat this through if you have any questions or concerns.

Cutting edge science

Our state-of-the-art lab uses cutting edge science and understanding to optimise the environment for the development of your gametes and embryos.

Passionate about helping others

Our highly experienced Lab Director, Dr Christian Ottolini, is passionate about his work and is constantly innovating and ensuring clinical excellence to deliver first class results for his patients.