Fertility Success Rates

We understand that IVF is a big financial commitment and so that you will want to ensure that you are putting your trust into the right clinic.

At The Evewell you benefit from the expertise of one of the most experienced fertility teams in the country, alongside the most advanced fertility technology and treatments.

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Our team at The Evewell is made up of NHS trained consultants, with 20+ years of experience. Their history in fertility and gynaecology means they understand reproduction holistically, allowing them to make the most well-informed decision on your treatment plan. The most important factor for a successful pregnancy is to ensure that you receive the right treatment, that’s why we offer completely bespoke treatment plans, to allow you to get the exact treatment you need. To find out more about our team click here.

Our lab is one of the cleanest in this country and our state-of-the-art facilities include all the top of the range technology. Find out more about our lab here.

This means that our success rates are some of the best in the country, but what really sets us apart is our increased level of care, please read more on what makes The Evewell different here.

Please see our success rates below broken down by age and types of treatment. Also, be aware these are only a guide and multiple factors such as personal medical history can affect any treatment outcomes.

Babies born per embryo transferred

We offer the most collaborative kind of fertility treatment you can get. We call our daily meetings “All Hands”, where every patient and their treatment is reviewed, meaning they benefit from our collective experience and knowledge.

It’s due to this kind of unique, bespoke treatment that we are seeing results like this; higher numbers of babies being born per embryo than the national average, whilst transferring as few embryos as possible.

Multiple births per embryo transfer

We believe in being as ethical and responsible as possible, so our ethos is to achieve a pregnancy and minimise miscarriage, whilst transferring as few embryos as possible.

Every single embryo is precious, and we treat them with both respect and science. That’s why our multiple birth rate is significantly lower than the national average.

37 and under

Our intention is to maximise the chances of pregnancy per embryo, not per cycle. This means some of our patients, by choice, may have more than one IVF or ICSI cycle before going ahead with an embryo transfer.

It’s this kind of focus on reducing miscarriage rate and building families – one embryo at a time – that means we’re achieving significant increases in positive pregnancy outcomes when PGS is built into a cycle. However, PGS is optional and we work with each patient to create the perfect plan for them.

38 and over

We work hard with each patient to plan as much into the pre-transfer stage of the cycle to reduce risk of miscarriage. As every single embryo is precious, and the emotional heartache of pregnancy loss is something we don’t want anyone to go through.

We are proud to announce our latest results show an increase in babies being born per embryo, when PGS is built to the cycle. We have also observed a reduction in miscarriage in over 38-year-old women.

All women

We don’t like to compare ourselves to other clinics when it comes to success rates. But we do like to emphasise that we are focusing on doing things both safely and effectively, whilst being responsible and respectful to our patients and each precious embryo.

We’re all about helping our patients plan their family – both immediately and in the future. And above all, we want to support and enable our patients to have options and choices.
And that’s why you’ll see results like this at The Evewell, vs. a national average of 23% per embryo transferred.

Find out more about our pricing for our treatments. Call us on 020 3974 0950 or email us at info@evewell.com to book an appointment or discuss our treatments in more detail.

Information on success rates is of limited value in comparing centres and choosing where to seek treatment. The HFEA is a source of national information through its ‘Choose a Fertility Clinic’ function which can be found online. For further information and comparisons for these results and advice on choosing a clinic, please see the HFEA guidance.