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Is egg freezing right for me?

We understand that deciding to freeze your eggs can be a big step into the unknown. We’re here to arm you with the facts so you can take control of your reproductive health and shape your future.

Your path is unique, and egg freezing can offer the flexibility to navigate it at your own pace. Before you start your egg freezing journey, there are some key points to consider:

Why choose us?

Proven success from our caring team

97% of eggs frozen at The Evewell survive the thawing process

Whether you are ready to book an appointment or you are just looking to explore your options, you can book a no-obligation chat with us to learn more.

Call slots are 15-minutes long and can be conducted by telephone or video link using Zoom.

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Recommendations, unique to you

We only believe in open and honest recommendations, and this also applies to treatments such as egg freezing.

During your initial consultation, we will work together to find the best plan to preserve your fertility for the future.

This may include egg freezing or embryo banking. Either way, you will be fully supported throughout your decision-making process and journey.

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Comfortable, discreet and inclusive fertility clinics.

Both our clinics are private, yet welcoming and inclusive spaces – equipped with the latest in reproductive science for your entire fertility journey to be managed on-site.

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Patient Reviews

Hear from our patients

Our patient reviews and success stories speak for themselves. Every patient is asked to complete a patient feedback form, and we’re delighted with our consistently high patient satisfaction ratings, 100% attributed to our incredible team putting in the work, day in and day out, to support our patients through their journey, however it may end.

Examples of cycle treatment costs

The below are examples of an average egg freezing cycle, to give you an idea of what’s involved. Please note, as all our treatment plans are personalised, pricing will differ from patient to patient based on their personal needs.

average per cycle

What are the total costs?

Many clinics don’t give you all the information about costs included with an egg freezing cycle. Make sure you ask about not only the egg freezing cycle costs, but other costs like blood tests, consultations, and medication to get a complete picture.

Transparent pricing, always.

Female profile:
Hep B core antibody, Hep B surface antigen, Hep C, HIV, FBC,
Chlamydia Gonorrhoea, Rubella, HTLV I+II, Hb electrophoresis


Estimated in-treatment blood tests

£300 - £500

Egg Freezing Cycle:
Up to 5 ultrasound scans during your cycle
(Additional scans are charged at £220), Theatre charges,
Anaesthetic charges, Doctors’ fees for your egg collection

Annual egg storage fee.

Advice from the experts

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