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Our commitment to fertility preservation.

At The Evewell, we’re dedicated to helping women understand their fertility, protect their reproductive future, and achieve their family goals.

And we’re thrilled to announce our biggest commitment yet.

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An open letter to all women

This is our commitment to fertility preservation

At The Evewell, we are dedicated to helping women understand their fertility, protect their reproductive future, and achieve their family goals.

As women, we have more opportunities and possibilities than ever before. Unlike previous generations, there is no limit to what we can achieve, and we can enjoy fulfilling careers and lives.

However, being knowledgeable is essential to making informed decisions about our lives and our plans for the future. Without this knowledge, the ability to make choices can be challenging, and sometimes decisions are taken out of our hands.

We strongly believe that when women have control over their fertility, it becomes much simpler to find answers to these choices.

Unfortunately, many of us were let down by limited education on the topic in school, and even today, that education has not significantly improved. Additionally, we are bombarded with false narratives and scaremongering articles online about fertility and negative opinions about our options.

This results in confusion, worry and fear that prevents us from taking the necessary steps towards understanding our fertility better.

Since we opened our doors in 2018, we’ve been 100% committed to demystifying the fertility journey for our patients and helping women understand their options.

We only post genuine, clear, and honest advice on our social channels. And as clinicians, we strongly believe in transparency and honesty and won’t ever scaremonger or offer false hope.

In a clinical setting, this looks different for each patient. For some, it means having conversations about egg freezing or considering using donor sperm to provide them with options and choices when they’re ready to start their family. For others, it may mean multiple IVF cycles, embryo banking, and genetic testing before considering an embryo transfer.

Over the last few months, we’ve hosted a series of webinars to help women feel more in control of their fertility and make personal decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

Now, we are thrilled to announce that we’re making an even greater commitment.

If you, a friend, your daughter, or even your granddaughter, is considering fertility preservation, egg or embryo freezing, we would like to offer a complimentary initial consultation with one of our fertility specialists. This consultation will help you understand what options are available and provide support as you start your journey towards preserving your fertility.

This offer is only available for new patients at The Evewell West London until Friday 30th June 2023, please use code WestLondonFreeze when booking your appointment.

We look forward to welcoming you to take back control of your fertility.

Contact us today to book your Initial Consultation.



* Subject to availability. Offer only applicable to patients wishing to explore fertility preservation, and not actively trying to conceive, for Initial Consultations at The Evewell West London, until Friday 30th June 2023. Offer only applicable to new patients. Code ’WestLondonFreeze’ must be quoted at the time of booking your Initial Consultation, and can not be retrospectively applied to already booked Initial Consultations. This offer only applies to the consultation, and any blood tests and scans will not be included and therefore will be charged as per standard The Evewell price lists, available on our website. Patients wishing to have a Female, Couple or Same-sex Couple Fertility Review will receive a pro-rata discount for the consultation element of the review. The Evewell reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

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