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Protect your reproductive future: a webinar

In the third of our fertility awareness webinars, we’re exploring the subject of how to protect your reproductive future, covering; egg freezing, genetic testing and embryo banking.

Join us on Tuesday, 18th April at 1pm

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At The Evewell, we’re committed to helping women and couples protect their reproductive future, and complete their family goals.

For some patients, this means having conversations about egg freezing, or perhaps considering using donor sperm, to give them options and choices for when they’re ready to start their family.

And for other patients, who perhaps want to ensure their dream of more than one child is realised, this may mean multiple IVF cycles, embryo banking and genetic testing, before considering an embryo transfer.

Both are considerations to ensure you have options for the future. But what do these processes involve?

Join us for the third Fertility Awareness webinar with Bloss, where Emma Kafton, The Evewell co-founder and Patient Services Director, Emma Whitney, The Evewell Harley Street Lab Manager (AKA: Emma the Embryologist) will be talking to fertility patients, about the options available to people wishing to protect their reproductive future.

Joining us will be:

  • Leanne – an Evewell egg-freezing patient, who is ready to start her path to parenthood.
  • Emily – a solo-mum-by-choice who has frozen embryos ready to complete her family.

We’ll be exploring the steps they’ve taken to protect their reproductive future, exploring how treatments such as IVF, genetic testing, egg-freezing and donor conception have allowed them to create their dreams of a family.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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