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We recognise when it comes to choosing a fertility clinic to help build your family, it’s not only a financial commitment, but an emotional one too.

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We understand it can be easy to get overwhelmed with data when considering a clinic. So rather than comparing our success rates to other clinics, we’ve chosen the most important factors embryologists consider, and the ones the HFEA recommend every clinic practise.

We think differently and behave ethically. We’re about creating families. We put our patient’s clinical needs at the centre of our decision making. And thanks to our highly skilled team, we’re able to treat a range of infertility, even in circumstances where treatment has been deemed too complicated.

That’s why we’re proud to show the following success rates; honest and clear representations of exactly how we have helped create families.

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Our data

The following data sets not only show how high our success rates are, versus the national average, but also illustrate our ethical practice; an important consideration when selecting a fertility clinic.

Transferring multiple embryos is dangerous for the mother and pregnancy. If you’re comparing data for different clinics, it’s very important to ask about a clinic’s multiple birth rate, as it’s easy to increase pregnancy rate by transferring more than one embryo, but this increases the risk during pregnancy.

Babies born per embryo transferred

Our success rates show a higher number of babies born per embryo transferred than the national average.

This is achieved by ensuring we transfer as few embryos as possible – something the HFEA recommends all fertility clinics practise – minimising the chances of multiple births, which carry health risks for both the mother and the babies.

However, in addition to being highly ethical and treating every embryo with the care and respect they deserve, fertility treatment at The Evewell is both highly personalised and collaborative, with all consultants coming together to review every patient in our daily “All Hands” meetings.

Graph showing babies born per embryo with fertility treatment

Multiple births per embryo transfer

According to the HFEA website, when looking for a clinic, you should look for one with a low multiple birth rate but a high success rate to maximise your chance of having a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Our multiple birth rate is significantly lower than the national average. This is because we believe in being both ethical and responsible. We focus on transferring as few embryos as possible, so we can ensure our patients achieve a successful pregnancy, whilst minimising miscarriage and risk to the mother.

Graph showing how many multiple births per transfer

37 and under

We focus on reducing miscarriage rate and building families – one embryo at a time. This means when treating a patient, we maximise the changes of a pregnancy per embryo, not per IVF cycle.

This means some of our patients may have more than one IVF cycle before going ahead with an embryo transfer. And with improved frozen embryo success rates, this is becoming more common.

Our success rates for babies born per embryo transferred for under 37-year olds show a significant increase on the national average.

Graph showing babies born per embryo with fertility treatment

38 and over

We don’t select patients for treatment and work hard to plan as much into the pre-transfer stage of the cycle to increase the chances of success. This may mean adding PGT-A into your cycle, or considering additional tests before embryo transfer. Either way, you’ll benefit from the collective experience of our entire team before and during your cycle.

When considering women 38 and older, we’ve both observed a reduction in miscarriage and our success rates of babies born per embryo are almost double the national average.

Graph showing babies born per embryo with fertility treatment

All women

We will never compare ourselves to other clinics when it comes to success rates, this is because we doing things both safely and effectively, whilst being responsible and respectful to our patients and each precious embryo.

We’re all about helping our patients plan their families – both immediately and in the future. And above all, we want to support and enable you to have options and choices.

Pie chart showing babies born per embryo with fertility treatment
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Please note; there are limitations to all fertility clinic’s success rates, and we recommend that patients use them as a guide only. Multiple factors, such as personal medical history, will affect any treatment outcomes, therefore it is important to recommend discussing your individual chances of success with your consultant.

Information on success rates is only one factor when choosing where to seek treatment and comparing fertility clinics. The HFEA’s ‘Choose a Fertility Clinic’ function is a useful source of information. For further information, comparisons for these results and advice on choosing a clinic, please see the HFEA guidance.

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