Introducing The Evewell West London

A warm and empathetic space for you to start your fertility journey, and the next step in ours.

Introducing The Evewell West London

A warm and empathetic space for you to start your fertility journey, and the next step in ours.

As a close-knit team, we’re sharing our knowledge daily to ensure that everybody benefits from a collective wisdom. Small by design, we understand what matters to you. And it matters to us too. To help more people achieve their dream of building a family, we’ve opened a second standalone, fully integrated Evewell in West London. As with our original Harley Street location, it has been carefully designed to create a welcoming, inclusive space – equipped with the latest technologies in reproductive science. A place where your entire fertility journey will be managed on site.

Our best in class team.

Dimitri Psaroudakis, Geet Sarodey and Kat Kriedt will be moving over from Harley Street to West London, a team of highly experienced fertility consultants with expertise in all aspects of reproductive medicine, working closely with the wider Evewell team on a daily basis to oversee all patient treatment.

A fully integrated standalone site.

Everything you need for your fertility journey will be managed on-site at the new Evewell West London; from initial consultations, scans and blood test monitoring, all the way through to egg collection, embryo development and embryo transfers.

Maintain standards and consistency.

And because ensuring the highest standards and consistency is at the centre of everything we do, our senior leadership team and Patient Services team will sit across both sites and we’ve moved other members of the core team over to West London, meaning you will see some familiar faces.

Emma Kafton, Co-Founder and Patient Services Director

“More and more patients want us to care for them during their journey, but we are completely unwilling to compromise on our standards or the values and ethos on which The Evewell was built. We remain small by design so that we can offer all our patients the same individualised, empathetic care in warm, inclusive locations. You just can’t do that for patients in a high-volume clinical setting. That’s when no-one knows your name, or why you are there, and you can’t find somewhere comfortable to sit and wait for your appointment. We are so excited to be sharing this new space with our patients and our team, many of whom will be very familiar to patients who have been cared for at Harley Street.”

Mr Colin Davis, Co-Founder and Medical Director

“I’m so honoured to be part of this amazing team of people. I have been working closely with our expanded consultant team at Harley Street for some months now and their knowledge, experience and passion to deliver world-leading clinical care with the same empathy as The Evewell has always delivered is incredible. As Medical Director for both centres, I look forward to working with both teams on a daily basis to ensure that the collective wisdom is shared for the benefit of all our patients no matter what centre they are having their treatment.”

Christian Ottolini, Lab Director

“A successful lab is all about the equipment, the processes and the people. The lab at West London is only new in the sense that all the equipment is the most up to date state of the art technologies. The team, the processes and the policies are the same as those at Harley Street. Emma Whitney, the lab manager at West London, needs no introduction as she has been part of the Evewell family for some time now.”

The Evewell West London 182 Hammersmith Road London W6 7DJ (Entrance on Rowan Road) Contact Telephone: 020 3974 0950 Email: westlondon@evewell.com