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Led by renowned consultant Mr Colin Davis, our exceptional team at The Evewell have 20+ years’ experience in fertility. This wealth of experience brings an extensive understanding of treatment and the journey our patients go through, which has led decisions on how the clinic is run and level of care we provide.

Our team is made up of the country’s leading doctors, nurses and embryologists, who have pioneered practice in their fields, whether that is our Lab Director Dr Christian Ottolini, who is undertaking research in embryology or Dr Dimitri Psaroudakis, who is establishing work with growth hormones to achieve pregnancy without IVF.

At The Evewell you have the benefit of NHS trained consultants, but without the waiting list. Our doctors and nurses have a long history in not only fertility but gynaecology, which gives a unique perspective when it comes to treatment, as they fully understand the process holistically.

At The Evewell our team’s priority is to create a safe and welcoming environment, whilst helping our patients achieve a successful pregnancy via the quickest and least invasive method. Our leadership team are driven by care and kindness, and this trickles down to the whole team. When hiring our staff at The Evewell, it isn’t just imperative that our specialists have the highest credentials possible, but also that they share the same passion for truly helping people, as this ethos is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our job is to empower patients, and so communication is key to what we do, before you start treatment you will have the opportunity to meet with senior consultants, nurses and embryologists. Not only allowing us to fully understand you and your needs but giving us the opportunity to explain to you your options, enabling you to make informed decisions.

We see it a bit like match making, we work to pair patients with doctors whom they will be most compatible with from a medical and personal perspective. This means that unlike in other clinics, you will have the same doctors following you throughout your whole journey. We believe that this continuity of care is key to clinical success but also to ensuring that our patients feel fully supported throughout their treatment.

In addition, all our patients benefit from the experience and expertise of the entire team at The Evewell, as every day we have an hour-long team meeting in which we review each patient who is in active treatment with us. These meetings enable us to discuss, on a daily basis, how cycles are progressing and how this can be maintained and improved using the experience of all our consultants, senior embryologists and nurses. It is also crucial in maintaining the highest levels of communication, meaning not only are all team members informed but also it allows them to keep patients more updated. As we are aware that of how important it is to keep fertility patients updated, the nursing team will contact our patients and inform them of their daily updates.

This alongside the fact that we are a small clinic by design, means you will see the same members of staff every time you come in and will be welcomed into the clinic by name.

Whatever the result of your treatment we are here for you, we offer complimentary follow up meetings at the end of each cycle along with free counselling sessions. Our experience tells us that even a positive result can sometimes cause worry, and that’s why we follow you through your journey to ensure you maintain a successful pregnancy.

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