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A Webinar: Demystifying All Things Fertility

At The Evewell, we’re committed to supporting women to understand their fertility. Our next online event is on 8 March, 7:30pm. Sign up below.

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At The Evewell, we’re committed to supporting women to understand their fertility. The education we got in school is so limiting and even some years on, for many of us, that education has not vastly improved. We also face the challenge of being bombarded with scaremongering articles online and in the press about our fertility and negative opinions about our options. So, what we are often left with is worry and fear that prevents us taking the first important steps.

As women we have many choices to make, and it is knowledge that helps us make informed, educated decisions about our lives and our plans for the future.

That’s why we are starting our campaign to demystify the fertility journey, kicking off with a series of educational events to help you, or the women around you feel more in control and make personal decisions based on knowledge and information.

Our first ‘lunch and learn’ online event is in partnership with Bloss, on 8th March at 7:30pm.

At this webinar, you’ll hear from some of our team; West London fertility specialist and gynaecologist Dr Xulin Foo, registered midwife and fertility nurse Rebecca Hay and Evewell embryologist Millie Kanani.

The event is relevant to anyone who is interested in finding out about their fertility, those already on their fertility journey and looking for more information or supporting a loved one on their journey. If you’ve got a friend, daughter or even a granddaughter, who would benefit from being part of the session then please feel free to let them know.

Let’s work together to ensure that as women, we’re empowered to make the right choices for us.

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