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Rebecca Hay

Head of Patient Services Operations

“I’m passionate about changing the fertility industry and treating patients with the care and attention they deserve.”

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A registered midwife, Rebecca trained at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and worked clinically as a midwife in the NHS for two years, before making the move into fertility in 2017 and joining The Evewell in 2018.

Hugely passionate about women’s health and pregnancy, from pre-conception through to pregnancy, labour and ongoing support postnatally, Rebecca is our Head of Patient Services Operations and leads the Patient Coordination team at The Evewell, where she is often the initial point of contact for new patients, taking time to walk through what they can expect from their fertility journey at The Evewell. 

Rebecca is responsible for keeping the dialogue flowing between the patient and The Evewell team, putting empathy and understanding at the core of everything this team delivers. She strongly believes a patient’s experience should be best in class, no matter what stage of their fertility journey they are at.

Rebecca developed the training and induction programme for our Patient Coordination team, training them to a clinical level, so during the initial conversations, they are able to make recommendations for consultants and investigations, going over and above what a patient would expect from this first conversation.

When asked what she loves most about her job, Rebecca replied; “I joined The Evewell because I wholeheartedly believe in what the team are doing to change the fertility industry. My role is to ensure the highest level of standards are maintained so that everyone is treated with the same level of empathy and respect they deserve during such an emotional experience.”

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