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Ovulation Induction

Maximising conception

Ovulation induction is used for women with irregular periods who do not ovulate regularly because of abnormalities in their hormone levels. The ovaries are stimulated and closely monitored to maxmise conception.

Exact timing

Ovulation induction uses fertility drugs to increase the chance of conception by gently stimulating the ovaries to produce between one and three mature follicles. Their development is closely monitored by ultrasound scan so that we can determine the exact day of ovulation and guide the timing of sexual intercourse to maximise the chances of conception.


We know that fertility treatment is a considerable financial commitment. Our prices and packages are designed to be transparent, clear and fair. Our team are always on hand to chat this through if you have any questions or concerns.

Your treatment journey

We know that trying to conceive can be a difficult and stressful time. Our team will guide and support you throughout your journey whilst ensuring they deliver first class results.

Step 1

Stimulation of the ovaries

Hormones are used to gently stimulate your ovaries to produce a mature follicle during the first couple of days of your period.

Step 2


We carefully monitor your treatment for the development of a mature follicle with internal ultrasound scans.

Step 3


Using urine based ovulation tests, we then monitor you for signs of spontaneous ovulation.

Step 4

Timed intercourse

You will be advised to have intercourse on the day of, and on the day after, take a positive ovulation test.

Step 5


In order to maximise your chance of a successful pregnancy, we provide you with a progesterone supplement which helps provide a supportive and healthy environment for the development of a fertilised egg.

Step 6

Ongoing Support

Approximately two weeks later, it will be time to do your pregnancy test. A follow up appointment with your doctor will ensure you are fully supported following your test result and will provide an opportunity to discuss any steps from there.

Cutting edge science

Our state-of-the-art lab uses cutting edge science and understanding to optimise the environment for the development of your gametes and embryos.

Passionate about helping others

Our highly experienced Lab Director, Dr Christian Ottolini, is passionate about his work and is constantly innovating and ensuring clinical excellence to deliver first class results for his patients.

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