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How to go about selecting donor sperm

Donor sperm can be used for single women, same-sex couples, and to improve treatment success rates for heterosexual couples.

Our lab team help answer some FAQs relating to using donor sperm.


How to go about selecting donor sperm

During your initial consultation, you may discuss the option of using donor sperm for treatment. Donor sperm is used in a variety of cases, such as for single women, same-sex couples, and to improve treatment success rates for heterosexual couples. In this article, we hope to answer some of the frequently asked questions relating to fertility treatment with donor sperm.

How to select donor sperm

The Evewell works closely alongside a diverse range of sperm banks within the UK, EU and the US:

When visiting the websites for the above, you will see that you can filter donors by various characteristics – it is entirely your choice how you decide to filter and select, but we are always more than happy to answer any questions during this selection process.

It is worth noting that donor sperm from outside the UK must be compliant with the HFEA regulatory body, so each bank will specify which donors are suitable for treatment within the UK or have a selection of donors that fall under this category.

Donor sperm with carrier mutations

It is mandatory under the licensing of the HFEA regulatory body to ensure the safety of the donor sperm through screenings – these often include Chlamydia, Syphilis, Hepatitis, Gonorrhoea, HIV, and some genetic disorders. If the relevant donor is a carrier for any of these, you will find this to be flagged on the sperm bank website.

If you would like to proceed with a donor who has a carrier mutation, we would just be looking to carry out some additional tests for yourself, just to check that you are not a carrier for the same mutation (our transports team would be able to discuss any impacts this may have on timeframe or costings).

How much donor sperm to buy

We would always recommend that you choose samples with a minimum of 20 million motile sperm per sample. This is often referred to as ‘MOT20’ so you may purchase any sample MOT20 or above. Samples may also be referred to as washed (or IUI) or unwashed (or ICI) samples and either category is suitable. We would always suggest that you purchase more than one sample as a back-up or for subsequent cycles.

When should I be looking to order donor sperm?

Our Transports team advises looking at ordering donor sperm around four weeks prior to starting the relevant treatment cycle – this is to ensure no treatment delays, and the completion of any necessary documentation alongside the physical importation of the samples. Once you have had your initial consultation, your consultant would put you in contact with the relevant team to discuss the timings for this.

How much does it cost to import and store donor sperm?

Administration for the import of donor sperm  £250
Annual semen storage fee (per ampule)
(Please note, we allow a grace period of 2 months free storage)
Third-party courier fee
TBC with The Transports Team in the lead-up to importing the sample

Selecting donor sperm can be a daunting process, however our team at The Evewell are dedicated to help you throughout this journey by providing you with the information to help you make informed decisions, and can arrange counselling to go through the implications of different treatment options. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact and we will put you in touch with our Transports team.

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