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At The Evewell, our aim is to find the quickest and least invasive way to achieve a successful pregnancy. Our 20+ years’ experience and multi specialisms within the team, allow us to look at fertility holistically. Our combined focus in gynaecology, fertility, and human genetics, sets us apart and allows us to diagnose a multitude of fertility issues. Discover more about our highly skilled team here.


Our state-of-the-art facilities mean we have the most advanced technology to help find whatever is the cause of infertility. Find out more about our first-class lab at The Evewell.


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Finding the root cause of infertility is important in treating it. Most people assume that if they are having troubles conceiving that they should have IVF, and although IVF is a very good and highly successful option, there are many other treatments which may be more suitable, less invasive and less expensive. We will always consider these options first.


We believe that fertility treatment shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach. When performing fertility tests and treatment, all of our plans are completely bespoke. Meaning you won’t pay for anything you don’t need and we tailor every part of the treatment to consider your medical history.


A full investigative process gives us a much better understanding of your fertility situation, which empowers patients to make the best decisions for them and gives them options to not only get pregnant once but preserve fertility and create a family where possible.




Fertility tests

If you have been having intercourse regularly and specifically around the time of ovulation for 12 months and are under 35, or 6 months and are over 35, you may want to consider getting a fertility test. Read our article on how to get pregnant naturally here.

Reproductive systems are very complex and so there are multiple things we can test for when determining fertility and it is important that both partners get tested. Infertility tests can also be a process of elimination and initially it is important for us to know all about you and your current lifestyle.


Some of the things we will consider include:

Medical history

Are there any long-term conditions or surgeries which may be contributing


Reviewing your medication history, as some medicines effect fertility

Diet & lifestyle

Smoking, drinking, and eating certain things can affect fertility. Read more about the fertility diet


Whether you have come into contact with any chemicals, toxins or radiation


How often and when do you have sex and are there any issues

Fertility history

Including your birth control history, whether you have been pregnant before and


Does either partner have any history with sexually transmitted diseases


What are your periods like, are they regular etc

Treatment history

Have you received any infertility treatment before

Infertility tests for women

When testing for infertility in women tests can include but are not limited to:


– Blood tests to check for hormone levels and whether you are ovulating

– Egg count tests

– Chlamydia test

– X-rays and ultrasounds, may need to be done to check ovaries, womb and fallopian tubes

– Laparoscopy, keyhole surgery to check for any blockages

Infertility tests for men

Fertility tests for men usually focus around the semen and sperm tests, checking the sperm count, motility and mobility. STI tests may also be done.


If you are considering fertility treatment or any infertility tests, please get in touch with us.

Fertility tests at the Evewell

We offer two initial packages of testing which are a good starting point for assessing fertility and any future concerns.


Female fertility review

Consultation, fertility scan and AMH blood test to measure levels of ovarian reserve –  £445


Couples fertility review

Consultation, fertility ultrasounds scan, semen analysis, and AMH blood test which measures ovarian reserve – £575

Find out more about The Evewell and what makes us so different here.



Call us on 020 3974 0950 or email us at info@evewell.com to book an appointment or discuss our pricing in more detail.

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