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Dr Benjamin Abramov

Deputy Medical Director

“By leaving no stone unturned, we will look back and say that everything that could have been done, has been done.”

Leading fertility specialist and gynaecologist Dr Benjamin Abramov has been at the forefront of assisted conception since earning his MD in 1994, and has held several senior positions in fertility treatment centres over the years.

Having completed his medical degree at a pivotal time in reproductive science, just as ICSI was discovered as a treatment plan for male factor infertility, Dr Abramov developed a specialist interest in pre-implantation genetic testing, and in particular, the impact this treatment can have for patients either experiencing recurrent miscarriage or those with hereditary genetic diseases.

Dr Abramov brings an innovative approach to his fertility clinic, thinking outside the box to find the answer and constantly striving to improve patient outcomes.

He is responsible for initiating and pioneering a number of treatment protocols and approaches that at the time were considered revolutionary, but are now standard for patients experiencing unexplained infertility, male factor infertility and recurrent miscarriage.

Dr Abramov is a strong believer in treating every single patient with compassionate empathy and respect. He considers previous treatment, lifestyle and overall gynaecological health, before building bespoke treatment plans designed to optimise every single cycle and improve outcomes.

When asked what motivates and drives him to help his patients achieve their dreams, Dr Abramov replied “the more experience I gain in this field, the more I’ve come to realise how very difficult this journey is for patients. My sole focus is to be the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. We can’t always guarantee a positive outcome, but by leaving no stone unturned, we will look back and say that everything that could have been done, has been done.”

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