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Trudi Campbell

Nursing and Quality Director

“Providing first-class nursing care, education and support for over a decade.”

Trudi Campbell leads our wonderful nursing team and is also the quality director at The Evewell. She is a highly experienced fertility nurse who has been working in the field since 2006.

Her experience as a leader in the nursing and fertility community is vast, she has served as a member of the senior infertility nurses group (SING) and held a four-year tenure as a nurse representative with the British Fertility Society. Trudi also spent six years working with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the Fitness to Practice Directorate.

Throughout her previous experience and time at The Evewell, she has dedicated herself to true leadership, improving how clinics are run and the development of professionals in the field.

Trudi has been involved in The Evewell since the very beginning. When creating The Evewell, Trudi used her personal patient care experience and 20+ years of patient feedback to create a centre and team that puts patient care first.

Trudi works tirelessly to implement patient feedback into the clinic on a continuous basis. She takes pride in quality management at The Evewell and ensures that all aspects of the clinic are kept to a high standard.

Trudi’s inherent organisational skills, focus on clear communication, with a supportive and empathetic approach, define her nursing practice.

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