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Holly Rowland

Continuous Improvement Lead

“Ensuring our patients get the care and reassurance they deserve.”

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Holly, a fully trained midwife, has been with The Evewell from the very beginning, and is now our Continuous Improvement Lead in the nursing team.

Holly started her career as a midwife, having trained at Anglia Ruskin University and graduating with a first-class honours.

Inspired by the rewarding and privileged nature of supporting families throughout pregnancy and labour in her midwifery care, Holly made the decision to move into fertility nursing in 2017, where she could help people at the start of their journey and provide fertility patients with the care and reassurance they deserve.

Known for her deeply empathetic care and attention, Holly now supports Trudi, our Nursing Director, ensuring the nursing team operates at the high standards all fertility patients deserve.

Having a vested interest in gynaecological conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis, Holly has a lot of experience supporting and educating patients with these conditions, helping them understand how they can both live with and control these conditions, and ultimately build their own family.

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