Why Choose The Evewell?

What Makes Us So Different?


The Evewell was created with our patients in mind. We wanted The Evewell to be more than a clinic, designed based on feedback from patients from our 20+ years in the fertility industry. When you come in, you will be greeted with an environment that feels warm, comforting, and homely.


Everything at The Evewell was meticulously chosen, from the interior of the clinic, to the size of our home, we are small by design, to ensure we always offer care on a personal level. Our goal was always to be the best, not the biggest.


Fertility is a very personal thing, and our clinic has your privacy in mind. Apart from when you first come in, we do not have big waiting rooms or expect you to stand in a hallway whilst you wait to have your eggs collected. We have ‘quiet rooms’ to create a safe and private space for you to reflect, be alone and have a cup of tea.


We are experts in our field and central to our practice is the combination of gynaecology and fertility, so that we are truly experts in all areas of female health and reproduction. We pride ourselves in finding the least invasive and quickest route to a successful pregnancy and thus offer completely bespoke treatment plans. This principle defines who we are and what we do. This will always be our starting point rather than merely directing people to have IVF, as our experience shows us that there are often other less invasive and expensive ways of achieving a successful pregnancy


Our team

Our team is made up of clinical experts, with a long history in gynaecology and fertility. All our consultants are NHS trained and are pioneers in their field, with a multitude of specialisms.


We see it like match making, we pair doctors with patients who they will be most compatible with. And unlike in other clinics, you will not see a different doctor or nurse each time. Your consultants, follow you through your journey from beginning to end, creating a deep and personal relationship, and allowing them to understand your specific journey and medical nuance thoroughly.


Despite having a dedicated doctor, you benefit from the wealth of knowledge of our entire team, as we have daily meetings between all clinical teams to review each patient in cycle. We use this time to discuss treatment plans, to allow for fully comprehensive medical care, without the possibility of oversight. Discover more about our team here.

Care at The Evewell

At The Evewell, you aren’t seen as just a patient ID number, but a person. From day one, we are here for you, ready to answer any queries.


Communication is key to what we do, we aim to be as transparent as possible. Before you start treatment, you have the opportunity to meet with senior consultants and embryologists to really understand our approach and what your treatment will involve.


We put our patients first and will do everything we can to work around your schedule. If you are going through IVF, we will not put you on stimulating medication to align your cycle to fit into our schedule, we just ask for you to call us when your period starts. This not only means less hormones in your body, but shorter protocols.


We know that a negative result can be deeply challenging for our patients, that’s why we offer a complimentary consultation with your doctor and a free counselling session with every cycle.


And if you do get a positive test, our care doesn’t stop there, through experience in the fertility space, we understand that you may feel anxious when you receive a positive result. We are on hand to help you through those early days of pregnancy and support any questions and feelings that often arise.

Our Lab

Our lab team are pioneers in fertility and are constantly performing innovative research in the field, ensuring they are dynamic and current in their science. They combine knowledge of human genetics and embryology, to truly understand reproduction from beginning to end.


Our lab team are truly an integral part of our team, and patients care. Involved in clinical decisions and discussions with our patients, to ensure the highest standard of medical treatment.


Their involvement in the field creates a much deeper understanding of fertility, allowing them to provide the best care and to communicate more clearly with patients, explaining processes in-detail but in layman’s terms.


Our state-of-the-art lab includes time lapse machine incubators, temperature management and air handling to ensure it is one of the cleanest rooms in the country. Find out more about the lab and state of the art facilities at The Evewell here.


We know that patients want a fertility clinic that cares, drives results and also is affordable. That’s why our prices are highly competitive, and our treatment plans are completely bespoke, which means we will never make you pay for something you don’t need.

We have no set protocols, each patient needs are assessed in relation to their own medical background. And we are happy to accept investigatory tests done previously, from other facilities, to save on time and costs. Read more on our pricing here.

Call us on 020 3974 0950 or email us at info@evewell.com to book an appointment or discuss our pricing in more detail.

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